A challenging time for all.  During the COVID-19 crisis,  safety is the most important consideration.    My office has been updated according to CDC guidelines, and beyond those criteria, rooms and all surfaces sterilized between patients, including use of UV light.  There will be no overlapping of patients, and pre-screening. When you do feel safe venturing out from sheltering in place, I’ve created a safe sanctuary, new procedures, ancient medicine. I became an acupuncturist to help people feel well again, to move from having chronic pain or feeling tired all the time, to fully engaging with life. Weathering this pandemic, we stay healthy and safe.

-Rachel Clark, Licensed Acupuncturist


Chestnut Hill Acupuncture, Philadelphia, PA

Many people come to acupuncture for the first time to manage an acute situation of pain or to try acupuncture when surgery and steroids have failed to resolve their health issues. Acupuncture is a safe relaxing alternative for patients who want to get well. I became an acupuncturist to help people feel well again, to move from feeling tired all the time or having chronic pain, to fully engaging with life.

More and more people rid themselves of back and neck pain or recover their full strength after cancer treatment, and are able to make lifestyle changes in diet and exercise so they are feeling vibrant and alive. Read the testimonials to see how people have moved from being in pain tired and wired to feeling like their life is moving in a positive direction.