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What Customers Are Saying About Chestnut Hill Acunpuncture

"I’ve achieved a new level of wellness under Rachel’s care in the year she’s been treating me. Most dramatically, the chronic hives I’d experienced for over 20 years have disappeared, eliminating the need to take a daily antihistamine. In addition, the tension in my shoulder and neck have been greatly reduced, I’ve experienced fewer colds and am better able to deal with stress.

I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough. She is a talented, kind healer and a wealth of information. In addition to my treatment, she’s shown me strength exercises and gua sha techniques, recommended herbal remedies and given me good old fashioned advice on life. I’m so grateful to have been introduced to her and acupuncture through my primary care physician."
Alice Thomas
Philadelphia, PA
"Severe chronic peripheral neuropathy pain did not respond to any treatments except Doctor directed 24/7 narcotics. Chronic migraines only responded to neurologist surgically injected Botox every three months for years. A master plumber, life as I knew it shut down. With regular treatments by Rachel, no more narcotics, nor Botox injections. Plus, my bare feet feel the carpet for the first time in five years".
David Weidemann
Abington, PA
"In early October I became ill with a rare form of Shingles that attacked my inner ear and a main nerve. My face was paralyzed, I suffered from vertigo constantly and I had a ringing and loss of hearing in my ear. It’s called Ramsey-Hunt Syndrome. I watched some youtube videos of others afflicted and I saw that acupuncture seemed to help them. So, I sought out a practitioner and luckily found Rachel Clark. Over the course of two months I am back to normal. The paralysis had diminished in only 4 weeks. This may have been the case anywhere I may have chosen but here is the difference: Rachel was well organized and proactive in giving me techniques to help me outside of our appointment. I spent many hours in doctors waiting rooms (as we all have) only to have a doctor come in and spend a few minutes with me. Rachel was thorough and really cares. I always felt better after the appointment and am grateful that she was able to help. Highly Recommend!!"
John Anderson
Philadelphia, PA
"Rachel has been a wonderful help to me in my battle with back pain. I came to her in a great deal of pain, stemming from an old herniated disk injury. Twice in the past, this injury resulted in surgery. This time, however, Rachel has saved me from undergoing another procedure and she has eliminated my pain in short order. A combination of acupuncture, diet change, and minimal exercises at home have me back to 100% and feeling great. Rachel is a wonderful wealth of knowledge and compassion. Her treatments are individualized, based on very specific questions she asks at each treatment. Acupuncture was an entirely foreign concept to me at the outset of my treatment, but Rachel explains everything very clearly, and makes me feel comfortable in her care. I have recommended Rachel to many people already, and would encourage everyone to see her. I cannot thank Rachel enough."
Robert Kolansky
Philadelphia, PA
"Rachel is simply the best acupuncturist around. She is knowledgeable, caring, trustworthy, and provides custom treatments that will help alleviate any number of issues you may be having. I have been a patient for over two years and highly recommend her to anyone and everyone."
Melissa D.
Philadelphia, PA
"Rachel is a healer in all senses of the word. She applies all of her skills to helping me move forward on the path to health and strength. I trust her caring judgment. She is thorough and careful and my sense is always that I have been heard, that she has considered carefully the issues I raise, and thought a lot about the best approach to helping me. I look forward to my sessions with her, finding them deeply calming and helpful. I recommend her most highly."
Jean Hunt
Philadelphia, PA
"While my doctors successfully treated my cancer, the side effects left me feeling like an old woman, plagued with aches and pains. Rachel was able to use acupuncture to relieve much of the pain. She also shared incredibly helpful tips for nutrition and self-care. Now, I am feeling so much better and like my old self. I value the treatment that I received from my physicians and Western medicine because it saved my life. But the acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine that Rachel offers brought me back to into balance and feeling whole again. Thanks, Rachel"
Barbara Bunkle
Philadelphia, PA
"Rachel, thank you so much for what your acupuncture treatments have done for me. As a retired marine and Iraqi veteran, whose experienced some health issues since returning from the desert, this is the best my breathing has been for years. What a difference in my quality of life. Thanks."
John Miranda
New Hope, PA
"My acupuncture treatments have me feeling very clear and relaxed. I feel tension releasing from my muscles during the treatment. I notice my breathing becoming slower and deeper. Over the last eight weeks my blood pressure readings have slowly been decreasing, and I am confident eventually I will be able to stop taking my blood pressure medication."
Mary Whalen
West Chester, PA
"Acupuncture has significantly reduced my neck pain. Also, “spirit” treatments have helped me release trauma energy that has been stuck in my body for years. Rachel is a wise and intuitive healer, and I feel her compassionate presence with me throughout each session."
Bonnie McDairmant
Philadelphia, PA
"Rachel’s commitment and generosity has introduced me to acupuncture and has made a real change in my life. For that I cannot thank Rachel enough."
Bob Smith
Philadelphia PA
"I expected some help and temporary relief from long-time pain that had become acute. Instead, received long-term (7 weeks and counting) change, relief, and freedom from daily meds. Maybe she didn’t “cure” me in two sessions (though this is a long time to be pain-free from a chronic condition), but it was a remarkable healing experience/intervention. Rachel Clark is a wise, gentle, and accurate practitioner."
Alyson Scott
Philadelphia PA
"I have been seeing Rachel for treatment since February. The treatments have been healing. Rachel addresses my issues with sensitivity, compassion and intelligence. Her needle technique is skillful. "
Charlie Harris
Mt Gretna, PA
"I’ve worked with Rachel in the veterans clinic and found her to have a solid grounding, knowledge, and application of acupuncture. She treats her patients with dignity and compassion and is quite effective."
Jennifer Coleman Pugh
Philadelphia PA