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Initial Treatment

In an acupuncture session, a diagnosis is made after an intake and points are chosen to bring the body back into harmony.
Symptoms that seem unrelated in Western medicine will fall into a very distinctive pattern in traditional Chinese medicine. Often a client wants pain relief or a specific condition addressed and then discovers that acupuncture improves sleep, digestion, and increases energy.

The 1st session with an acupuncturist usually takes an hour and a half because the acupuncturist is gathering information about your health history and formulating a treatment plan to address your specific concerns. After the interview and examination of your pulses and condition, a treatment plan is established and the patient lies down and specific points are treated to address the condition.

Often the person feels very little sensation or pain. Some patients will feel a tingling sensation a warmth or a heaviness. Often times the person will fall asleep during treatment. Most patients feel relaxed after treatment and it’s a good idea to just take it easy physically for the rest of the day and not engage in strenuous exercise. An acupuncture one-hour session reduces pain and stress, and creates a deep sense of relaxation.

Please wear loose fitting clothing that can easily pull up over the knees and have something to eat before your appointment.